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Cheddar Cheese Plant


by Arun J.

20 January 2021

Process Plant & Machinery Ltd has a Complete Cheddar Cheese manufacturing plant in stock.

Cheddar Cheese Plant, we are offering includes Cheese Vats, Ceddarmaster Draining & Salting Belt, Cheese Blockformer Towers, Whey Clarifier, Tanks.

60,000 Ltr Aseptic Process Tank


by Arun J.

9 November 2020

Aseptic Processing is commercially sterilising the product, which could be Milk or Juice, using high heat, usually by steam. This process is also called UHT (Ultra Heat Treatment), which is sterilising the product by direct or indirect steam. This sterilised product is then stored in an Sterile Tank, before being filled into sterilised containers or packs or bottles. This is done so, to get an extended shelf life for the product, without having to keep the product refrigerated.

Tetra Pak Spiroflo Juice Pasteuriser


by Arun J.

5 November 2020

What is Pasteurisation?Liquid Milk or Fruit Juice (Either Blended or Fresh), is not quite safe for human consumption, as it is, in its raw state. According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (, unpasteurised products are more likely to cause illness caused due to the consumption of unpasteurised products. Raw Milk or Juice & Blended Products contain certain harmful Bacteria like Campylobacter Bacteria, E. Coli & Listeria etc. These harmful bacteria can be eliminated by simply heating the raw product quickly to a very high temperature, usually called Paseurisation Temperature, holding the product at this Pasteurisation Temperature for a particular amount of time (Varies according to the product) and then cooled down quickly or rapidly.

Miteco Tetra Pak Sugar Dissolving System


by Arun J.

29 October 2020

Mixing Sugar is quite popular in the drinks and fruit juice manufacturing sectors, where granulated sugar or liquid sugar is used to sweeten the product. This is due to the low sugar content in the fruit juice concentrates and when diluted in water, there is a requirement to maintain the sugar level to keep the product sweetened. Using granulated sugar in such a process poses a challenge of thoroughly mixing all the sugar granules and this process runs the risk of settlement of undissolved sugar. This results in varying sweetness in the product, as well as monetary loss. Hence, processes nowadays prefer mixing liquid sugar in the process, which is easy to mix and can be precisely added to the process to maintain uniformity in the product. This liquid sugar can also be dosed into the product at a constant rate.

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