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Dumfries & Galloway Business Awards 2012

Business Awards 2012

Process Plant and Machinery Ltd proudly sponsors Dumfries & Galloway Chamber of Commerce Business Awards 2012 for the "Savour the Flavours Local Food Hero" category.


Process Plant & Machinery Ltd - Online Shop

PPM Ltd has launched a brand new website, to enable users to purchase equipment online. The navigation system on this website has been simplified to give our users a Quick & Easy Online Shopping experience.


Mr. George Osborne's visit to PPM Ltd at Lockerbie:


Ms. Margaret Curran's visit to PPM Ltd at Lockerbie:

On 17th July 2014, Ms. Margaret Curran (Shadow Secretary of State for Scotland) made a visit to Process Plant and Machinery Ltd, during her tour of South West Scotland. The Shadow Secretary's visit was in recognition of Process Plant and Machinery as successful international exporter of process equipment based in the Borders. Ms. Curran's visit to PPM Ltd lasted for just over an hour and whe was accompanied by local Mr. Russell Brown (MP - Dumfries & Galloway) & Ms. Elaine Murray (MSP - Dumfries & Galloway)!

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